Wavewalk motor kayak

Wavewalk: The World’s Most Stable, Seaworthy, High-Performance Paddle “Kayaks” and Motor Skiffs


Wavewalk Stocking Dealer

Wisconsin and Minnesota

The unmatched stability and famous versatility of Wavewalk boats is now available to boaters and anglers in the Upper Midwest!

Randy Reek, a life-long boater and former Professional tournament angler is the Wavewalk Dealer for Wisconsin and Minnesota.

What Makes Wavewalk Boats the BEST?

All Wavewalk boats are based on an exclusive patented design. Wavewalk is the name and registered trademark given to a patented NEW type of watercraft.

All Wavewalk “W-Boats” use this same patented design: two full-length twin hulls joined by a central structure, dubbed the “saddle”. This center seating structure is shared with personal watercraft (PWC), as well as snowmobiles, motorcycles and horses. But in paddlecraft, this unique design is only found in Wavewalk boats.






Take your "enthusiastic" dog with you in your Wavewalk


















Paddling while standing in a Wavewalk W700






























































Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

"The World's BEST Fishing Kayaks"

Because each twin hull Wavewalk model is lightweight and narrow, boaters can use canoe or kayak paddles for propulsion. For this reason, the US Coast Guard (USCG) classifies all Wavewalk models as “kayaks”. But unlike common sailing catamarans, canoes, sit-in or sit-on kayaks, the W-Boat’s cockpit allows boaters to sit upright in a natural position or stand with one leg in each hull.

The exclusive Wavewalk twin hull and saddle design creates small, lightweight watercraft that offer more efficiency, stability, comfort, control, better tracking, capacity and versatility than any other kayak or small paddlecraft.

Paddle, motor, sit or stand with Wavewalk stability


Importantly, ALL Wavewalk models are also DESIGNED to allow the addition of either electric or gas motors – or both! Adding motors to kayaks and canoes is forbidden by most kayak and canoe manufacturers since it destroys the stability of these narrow vessels and adds more stress than was included in the designs. In contrast, the wide and stable hull design of the Wavewalk models is PERFECT for motorized applications.

Wavewalk first introduced the W500 in 2009, followed a few years later by the W700 twin hull catamaran-style “kayaks”. No other paddlecraft offered more stability. No other paddlecraft provided more dry and total storage volume. No other paddlecraft provided the same comfortable seating position - and the W500 and W700 have become very popular with many devoted owners.

Enthusiastic buyers have dubbed these versatile boats “The World’s Best Fishing Kayaks” (although, except for the use of kayak paddles, the W500 and W700 share virtually no features with tippy, wet, heavy and uncomfortable kayaks!)

Wavewalk boats are "Family Friendly". W700 shown with optional bow trolling motor mount

In 2017, the Wavewalk family of “W-Boats” expanded with the addition of the larger and more capable “Series 4” motor skiff. While the smaller and lighter twin hull W500 and W700 continue to be popular, the new “S4” boat has a long list of advantages for anglers. The S4 is longer, wider, faster, rides even more shallow, has greater storage, a bow casting deck, and is even more stable! 

Can THREE adults stand and fish in any other canoe or kayak?

Wavewalk is the BEST alternative to tippy kayaks, unforgiving canoes, and expensive boats.

Since 2009, Wavewalk has offered the best alternative to kayaks and canoes. Now – with the introduction of the larger S4 motor skiff – Wavewalk has the best alternative to motorized jon boats, small V-hull boats, yacht tenders, work boats, and inflatable dinghies.

Why is Wavewalk the BEST boating choice?

Kayaks and canoes are unstable. Wavewalk twin hull boats are incredibly stable, have higher weight capacities, and are safer in wind, waves, and currents.

Standing to paddle, in windy chop, with your dog? NO PROBLEM in a Wavewalk!

Kayaks and canoes are uncomfortable. You are confined to a low, narrow seat that is truly a PAIN! Wavewalk boats have a centered, raised seating “saddle”. Your back is not strained. Your feet are below your hips and knees.  You can even safely stand to stretch or fish.

Paddle in comfort; stand with confidence! (Wavewalk W500 shown)


Kayaks and canoes are confining. You are fixed to a seat both for paddling and your safety. Wavewalk boats have a large, long cockpit area that provides unlimited leg room. You can stand up, turn around, fish 360-degrees. You can walk straight into the Wavewalk hull from the shore.

Kayaks and canoes don’t fit big people. You are already low to the water. Added weight brings you even closer to the water, and closer to capsizing. Wavewalk boats have huge capacities, balanced by long twin hulls. The wide and long cockpit provides room for big and tall paddlers. You can not only paddle or motor, you can STAND to fish in a Wavewalk!

300-pound man STANDING to paddle a W700

Kayaks are wet. The popular sit on top kayaks have scupper drains to let water out, but these “drains” also let water flow in when paddling or crossing waves. Because you must enter a kayak or canoe in the water and from the side, you always start out wet. But all Wavewalk boats can be beached so you can walk straight into the boat.

Step from the Wavewalk onto dry land. NO wet feet! (W700 shown)

Kayaks and canoes are not designed for motors. Adding a motor to the pointed stern makes canoes and kayaks even MORE unstable! Wavewalk boats are DESIGNED for motors. The motor transom is forward of the stern, within easy reach of the boater. Plus, the twin hull design means Wavewalk boats have less resistance and are FASTER than boats of similar size with the same horsepower. You can even mount motors at BOTH the bow and stern.

ALL Wavewalk boats are engineered for motors - and efficient, fast propulsion

Kayaks are designed for the single paddler. Wavewalk models are perfect for solo paddling, but also have the room and capacity for tandem paddlers. You have the room and stability to take children or pets along. The large S4 motorboat has the capacity for three adults, or up to 650 pounds.

EXTREME stability demonstrated: THREE standing paddlers in a Wavewalk S4

By the time you add stabilizing pontoons, a raised seat, and home-made motor mounts, your fishing kayak weighs 150-pounds! Now you need a trailer and need to wait in line at boat landings. The mobility that attracted you to kayaks is lost forever. Wavewalk boats are lighter than kayaks and canoes of comparable size. Even the largest S4 motorboat weighs less than 100-pounds and can be car-topped without a trailer – or lifted onto the deck of a yacht or houseboat.

All Wavewalk boats can be car-topped, even the S4 motor skiff!


With all these advantages, Wavewalk boats still cost LESS than comparably-equipped boats and kayaks. Even with loads of expensive options, other boats will never equal the stability, capacity, and versatility of Wavewalk boats.

There are THREE Wavewalk models. One is perfect for your boating needs:

Wavewalk Model:                    W500                                    W700                                    S4 skiff

Size:                                        11’4” x 31” W x 17” D          12’10” x 31” W x 17” D          13’ x 38” W x 17” D

Capacity:                                  360 lbs, 2 persons               550 lbs, 3 persons                650 lbs, 3 persons

Motor Rating:                            3 HP (20" long shaft)          4.5 HP (20" long shaft)          6 HP (20" long shaft)

Hull Weight:                              60 lbs                                  80 lbs                                     98 lbs

Car-topping:                              BEST                                  BEST                                     Great

Storage Volume:                       8.8 cu ft                               20.5 cu ft                                34.7 cu ft

Solo paddling                            BEST                                  Great                                      Great

Tandem paddling                       Great*                                 BEST*                                    Great

Electric motor                             BEST                                  Great                                      Great

Gas outboard                             Great                                   Great                                      BEST**

Calm water                                 BEST                                  BEST                                      BEST

Choppy water                             Great                                   BEST                                      BEST

Rough water, current                  Great                                   Great                                      BEST

*Tandem paddling in the W500 is limited to the 360-pound weight capacity; 550-pounds in the W700.

**Motor use in the S4 is limited to the 6 HP rating. With a smaller 4.5 HP outboard, the S4 is faster than the W700 with the same motor.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Wavewalk S4 powered by 6 HP outboard, off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico

Follow these links to learn more about the Wavewalk W500, Wavewalk W700, and Wavewalk Series 4 skiff.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MANY advantages of the Wavewalk models over all other boats, canoes, kayaks, and other paddlecraft.

About Randy, your Wavewalk Dealer:

Randy has owned, rigged, and operated dozens of boats – from row boats to 21-foot tournament fishing boats with 250-hp outboards and tandem-axle trailers (requiring a diesel pickup truck to tow.) He has owned Royalex whitewater canoes, aluminum and fiberglass lake canoes, and Kevlar tripping canoes. He has paddled sit in and sit on top kayaks, and even inflatable paddle boards.

Randy has fished the dangerous, rough waters of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Devil’s Lake, and countless other inland and offshore waters. He has canoed, portaged, and camped on many week-long trips throughout Wisconsin and the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. He has run whitewater rapids in canoes and rafts. He has kayaked the inter-coastal waterway of the Atlantic as well as inland lakes and rivers.

Randy has never found the perfect lightweight and easily transportable fishing watercraft – until Wavewalk! If you are seeking the most versatile, stable, and economical alternative to tippy kayaks and expensive motorboats, contact Randy to see the Wavewalk models. You will agree that nothing matches Wavewalk, “The World’s Best Fishing Kayaks!”

Contact Randy to view the amazing Wavewalk boat models. He will help you choose the right model for your needs – and help you outfit your new Wavewalk boat with the options and accessories to make your days on the water even better!

On water demos and deliveries are available throughout the Midwest. Ask also about our Show schedule. All Wavewalk prices displayed are FOB Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Randy Gone Fishing

Randy Reek

609 S Birch Avenue (mail and deliveries)

Marshfield, WI 54449

715-502-9042 (please leave a message if I am fishing!)

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