Which Wavewalk Boat is RIGHT for Me? 

Comparison of Wavewalk Model Features and Benefits:

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

“The World’s Best Fishing Kayak” – It Started with the Wavewalk 500 in 2009.

All Wavewalk boats are based on an exclusive patented design. Wavewalk is the name and registered trademark given to a patented NEW type of watercraft.

All Wavewalk “W-Boats” use this same patented design: two full twin hulls joined by a central structure, dubbed the “saddle”. This center seating structure is shared with personal watercraft (PWC), as well as motorcycles and horses. But in paddlecraft, this unique design is only found in Wavewalk boats.

Because each twin hull Wavewalk model is lightweight and narrow, boaters use canoe or kayak paddles for propulsion. For this reason, the US Coast Guard (USCG) classifies the Wavewalk models as “kayaks”. But unlike common catamarans, canoes, or kayaks the W-Boat’s cockpit allows boaters to either sit or stand with one leg in each hull.

The exclusive twin hull and saddle design creates small, lightweight watercraft that offer more efficiency, stability, comfort, control, and versatility than any other kayak or small paddlecraft. Importantly, ALL Wavewalk models are also designed to allow the addition of either electric or gas motors – or both! Adding motors to kayaks and canoes is forbidden by most kayak and canoe manufacturers since it destroys the stability of these narrow vessels. In contrast, the wide and stable hull design of the Wavewalk models is PERFECT for motorized applications.

No boat tracks straighter than a Wavewalk!

The first Wavewalk model was the W500, introduced in May of 2009. No other paddlecraft offered more stability. No other paddlecraft provided more dry and total storage volume. No other paddlecraft provided the same comfortable seating position - and the W500 became an instant success. Enthusiastic buyers dubbed it “The World’s Best Fishing Kayak” (although, except for the use of kayak paddles, the W500 shares virtually no features with tippy, wet, heavy and uncomfortable kayaks!) Many, many have submitted positive reviews of their Wavewalk W500’s, along with the modifications and custom features they have added.

The Wavewalk family of “W-Boats” has since expanded with the addition of the larger W700 and new Series 4 skiff. But the classic W500 continues to be very popular. The W500 is unmatched as a solo fishing boat. It has everything anglers want – maneuverability, stability, storage, and a large, dry cockpit. At only 60-pounds, the bare W500 is light enough for one person to load on a roof rack. And for anglers who want to expand their range, the W500 can be powered by electric trolling motors and small, lightweight gas outboard motors. With a 360-pound weight capacity and a cockpit that is 6-feet long, the W500 is also very popular for tandem paddling on calm waters.

The Wavewalk W500 is a great value, as well. Many kayak anglers spend extra money to outfit their tippy boats with stabilizers – but they never reach the designed stability of the W500 with its twin hulls. Many anglers spend additional money trying to attach motors to their kayaks – but the results are usually crude, always inefficient, and often dangerous due to the lack of structural integrity and the detrimental effects the added thrust and weight have on kayak stability. Many kayak anglers have tired of paddling and opted for expensive pedal drives – at a cost of $1,000 or more. But when done with their “upgrades”, the kayak has turned into lumbering vessel that weighs 150-pounds or more. Their next purchase is a $1,000 – and now they are forever tied to boat landings. Thousands of anglers have lost the freedom that attracted them to kayaks in the first place.

For less money, these unhappy kayak anglers could own a roomier, more stable, and more comfortable Wavewalk W500. Plus, the W500 is DESIGNED to not only accommodate motors, but to be driven safely and efficiently under motor power.

Compare the features of the Wavewalk W500 with ANY other canoe, kayak or paddle board and you will agree that there is no more complete fishing boat. You will agree that the W500 is “The World’s Best Fishing Kayak”

Wavewalk Model W500

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

1. Flush mount rod holders shown. This is a Dealer installed OPTION. Other surface-mount rod holder styles and accessory tracks are also available.

2. The W500 hull is formed from Rotationally Molded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The Center Saddle connects the two side catamaran hulls. The seating saddle is 6 ft long, 14″ high, 12″ wide. The high seating position of the W500 eliminates the biggest COMPLAINTS of kayak paddlers: the kayak seat is too low, it hurts the back and stresses the hips and knees, the seat is too confining, it’s hard to get down into the seat and even harder to get back up! 


The long saddle provides room for two paddlers in flat water. The raised center saddle means your feet are below your knees for a natural seating position – unlike every kayak. You enjoy much better visibility – BOTH to see and be seen! Your back, knees, and legs are never stressed. You can comfortably fish or paddle for hours. When you need to stretch, you can stand confidently in the wide W500 hull.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak
Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Paddle - and STAND - with confidence!

3. Cockpit: 6 ft long, 29″ wide, 17″ deep. The solo paddler can move from end to end of the W500 and instantly adjust the seating position for perfect weight distribution in wind and waves. You have unlimited leg room. But the 360-pound capacity of the W500 also makes it a great boat for tandem paddling on calm water – or for sharing the ride with “man’s best friend”!

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Plenty of room in the W500 cockpit for you and your best friend

The paddler is not confined to a low, narrow, fixed seat like in a kayak. You can face forward, turn around 180-degrees and face backward, as well as fish both sides – sitting or standing. The 29-inch width means you can choose a standard canoe paddle, if you prefer. The W500 is so stable that many paddlers use the long (9-foot) kayak paddle while standing. Or you can substitute a long stand-up paddle board paddle.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

HUGE legroom; move forward and back to trim the W500

The twin catamaran hulls make the W500 the easiest boat to enter and step out of. Unlike canoes, kayaks and paddle boards, you don’t need to enter from the center. You can beach the W500 and simply step into the cockpit between the hulls – front or rear – from dry land. No more wet feet!

4. Optional cockpit bungees. Other options include anchor trolleys along the sides of the hulls, and mounts for paddles, fish locator, lights, and cameras.

5. Four carry handles at each hull tip for loading and mooring. At only 60-pounds, the W500 is light enough for car-topping – including loading by one person! Many owners use only the factory luggage rack – or rest the W500 on towels or a rug on the roof without any rack. No expensive “kayak” racks required. Some W500 owners transport their boats INSIDE the vehicle!

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak
Wavewalk W500 motor kayak
Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

You don't need a truck! TWO Wavewalk W500's fit in an SUV!

Want to access a fishing spot where there is no boat landing? Never a problem with the W500! Just drag it down to the shore – or add a set of dolly wheels (Dealer-available option) and roll it to the water with ease like a 60-pound wheelbarrow. Creative anglers have reached remote “secret spots” by ATV. You could even carry the W500 on a golf cart!

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Reach that remote "secret" fishing hole with your ATV and the Wavewalk W500

6. Molded-in saddle reinforcements (13 ribs molded into the saddle. Not shown is the standard marine plywood saddle bracket for added hull rigidity.)

7. Hull tips for storage. All four hulls provide dry storage for a total of 8.8 cubic feet (66 gallons) capacity. The full 11’4” length is available to store paddles and fishing rods. No other kayak has even 25% of the storage! In addition, the open hulls allow for unlimited customization for accessories. The easy access makes wiring fish locators, trolling motor batteries and navigational lights much more convenient than any kayak.

8. Twin Hulls: 11’4″ long, 14″ deep, 8″ wide. The long, straight hulls provide unmatched tracking when paddling. Unlike flat bottom kayaks, you never need a rudder or clumsy foot pedals in the W500. The flat bottom hulls position your feet and weight below the water line. Combined with the 29-inch width, the deep hulls provide the stability the W500 is famous for.

The deep hulls also provide for the incredible load capacity of the W500. This 60-pound hull has a safe capacity of 360-pounds! But the narrow displacement of the 8-inch wide hulls reduces resistance and makes the W500 very easy to paddle – or power with a tiny motor.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

The patented twin hull design of Wavewalk boats provides unmatched stability and capacity


Most importantly, the deep hull of the W500 is completely dry. No water washing over the bow like all other kayaks. No scupper drain holes. None of your gear sloshing around or getting lost over the side – including your trophy fish!

9. 3-inch high spray deflector above the flat tops of the hulls. Added to the 14” hulls this creates a protected cockpit that is 17” deep for protection from wind and spray. Your weight is distributed over the entire length of the twin hulls resulting in very shallow draft. With a 200-pound load, the W500 has only a 4-inch draft.


The W500 popular with both shallow-water anglers and hunters. The W500 gives you access to shallow water off limits to ALL peddle kayaks! The lightweight, tough HDPE construction and shallow draft also makes the W500 the perfect two-man duck hunting boat – suitable dragging in the mud or poling or even a “mud motor” in the shallows!

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Long-shaft "mud motor" (folded back for transport) on W500 transom mount

The hard chine adds rigidity to the hull and greater stability than any single-hull boat, canoe, or kayak. Effectively, the saddle connects TWO very narrow boats. There is no need to add clunky stabilizer pontoons to the W500. (Note that large boaters and anyone carrying extra gear in rough water will prefer the Wavewalk W700 with greater capacity.)

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

The unmatched stability of the W500 might even extend your hunting and fishing seasons. Only the Wavewalk design keeps you high and dry. Only the W500 can safely bridge the transition from open water to ice. The W500 is not only the perfect stable, dry, and safe cold-water boat – it is also the perfect ice RESCUE boat!

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

The Wavewalk is perfectly stable – high-centered - from water to ice (W700 in this photo)

10. Not shown: Optional motor mount for electric trolling motor (bow or stern) or gas outboard (3 hp limit, 20” long shaft, stern-mount only.) The narrow, sleek design of the W500 catamaran hulls makes it perfect for propulsion by a motor.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Accessory Motor Mount for W500 - for bow or stern or BOTH!

Unlike kayaks or canoes, the split twin hull design of the W500 allows the motor to be mounted forward of the stern. The weight of the motor is supported closer to the center of the vessel – and NOT cantilevered off the stern end. With kayaks, stern-mounted motors are positioned at the farthest, narrowest point. By design in the W500, the motor is positioned close to the widest point of the craft for maximum stability.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Inexpensive, stern-drive electric trolling motor on W500


In addition, the driver can easily reach the motor to raise or lower it, adjust the speed and direction of travel (in some cases a tiller extension handle is recommended.) Because of the open twin hull design, it is also possible to mount an electric trolling motor between the bow hulls – for forward propulsion with the efficiency of a front-wheel drive vehicle! The tapered twin hulls also make back-trolling a breeze.

Wavewalk W500 motor kayak

Wavewalk W500 powered - safely and efficiently - by 2.5 hp Honda outboard

Summary: What makes the Wavewalk W500 the world’s Top Performing fishing boat? Is the W500 the best Wavewalk model for you?

See the Wavewalk W500 - "The World's BEST Fishing Kayak" in action in this video:

Wavewalk W500 Important facts to consider:

  • The W500 is the world’s most stable paddlecraft - with the exception of the longer, wider, and heavier W700. The W500 is MORE stable than kayaks equipped with outriggers.

  • The W500 is the most comfortable paddle boat. Unlike every kayak, the W500 does not force you to sit with your legs stretched forward. You have the advantage of switching positions – or safely standing – to avoid fatigue, leg and knee pain, sore back and a wet butt. You are not confined to a narrow kayak seat. You have unlimited leg room.

  • The W500 is the easiest boat to paddle. The long twin hulls track better in the wind. No rudder and no foot pedals are required. (With the exception of equipping the W500 with a sailing rig.)

  • The W500 is the only paddlecraft that offers true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence. It provides the highest seating position, but you don’t sacrifice stability when standing. Losing your balance is never a question in the W500, unlike canoes, kayaks, and especially paddle boards.

  • The W500 is lighter than most fishing kayaks. It’s the most mobile paddlecraft, enabling launching, paddling, fishing and beaching even where other heavier kayaks can’t go. The wide, flat catamaran hulls allow car-topping even on vehicles without expensive kayak racks.

  • The W500 is a very roomy boat. It provides more open and dry storage space than any kayak. (Fishing paddle boards are not even in the same league.) The cockpit is roomy enough for a passenger or pet. The open hulls provide full-length storage for paddles and fishing rods.

  • The W500 is the world’s most versatile paddle boat. You can paddle in confidence is any weather and water condition, including cold water, shallow water and the ocean surf – even paddling in tandem (within the weight capacity of the boat.) You are high and dry in the W500, never wet from cold water sloshing over and through a kayak.

  • The W500 is the easiest paddlecraft to motorize. It is DESIGNED to allow the addition of a stern and/or bow mount electric trolling motor. It is DESIGNED to allow the addition of a gas outboard motor up to 3 hp. Unlike canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards, the W500 performs perfectly under power. You can travel farther, safer, and more comfortably in the W500 than any other small vessel.

  • The Wavewalk W500 is the boat that provides the most complete list of features and the longest list of benefits to the paddler and angler. You not only enjoy the performance of the “World’s Best Fishing Kayak” but you save money when you own the W500.


Wavewalk 500 color options: (Not all color combinations shown are currently available) - For 2019, the W500 is available in your choice of solid Yellow or Gator Green.

wavewalk motor kayk

WavewalkBoats.com - your Wisconsin and Minnesota Dealer

Own the SAFE and VERSATILE Wavewalk W500 motor kayak for ONLY $1,400.00 (plus shipping.) Call today to place your order. Choose from the TWO colors  above. Ask about custom options including motor mounts, rod holders, paddle holders, and more.

Want MORE information about the Super-Stable Wavewalk W500? Want to see REVIEWS from actual W500 owners? CLICK HERE for reviews and modifications to customize the W500.

About Randy, your Wavewalk Dealer:

Randy has owned, rigged, and operated dozens of boats – from row boats to 21-foot tournament fishing boats with 250-hp outboards and tandem-axle trailers (requiring a diesel pickup truck to tow.) He has owned Royalex whitewater canoes, aluminum and fiberglass lake canoes, and Kevlar tripping canoes. Sit in and sit on top kayaks, and even inflatable paddle boards.

Randy has fished the dangerous, rough waters of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Devil’s Lake, and countless other inland and offshore waters. He has canoed, portaged, and camped on many week-long trips throughout Wisconsin and the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. He has run whitewater rapids in canoes and rafts. He has kayaked the inter-coastal waterway of the Atlantic as well as inland lakes and rivers.

Randy has never found the perfect lightweight and easily transportable fishing watercraft – until Wavewalk! If you are seeking the most versatile, stable, and economical alternative to tippy kayaks and expensive motorboats, contact Randy to see the Wavewalk models. You will agree that nothing matches Wavewalk, “The World’s Best Fishing Kayaks!”

Contact Randy to view the amazing Wavewalk boat models. He will help you choose the right model for your needs – and help you outfit your new Wavewalk boat with the options and accessories to make your days on the water even better!

On water demos and deliveries are available throughout the Midwest. Ask also about our Show schedule. All Wavewalk prices displayed are FOB Marshfield, Wisconsin.

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Randy Reek

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715-502-9042 (please leave a message if I am fishing!)

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