Wavewalk: The World’s Most Stable,

Seaworthy and High-Performance

Paddle "Kayaks" and Motor Skiffs

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

What Makes Wavewalk Boats the BEST?

All Wavewalk boats are based on an exclusive patented design. Wavewalk is the name and registered trademark given to a patented NEW type of watercraft.

All Wavewalk “W-Boats” use this same patented design: two full-length twin hulls joined by a central structure, dubbed the “saddle”. This center seating structure is shared with personal watercraft (PWC), as well as snowmobiles, motorcycles and horses. But in paddlecraft, this unique design is only found in Wavewalk boats.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Patented Wavewalk twin hull and saddle design


Because each twin hull Wavewalk model is lightweight and narrow, boaters can use canoe or kayak paddles for propulsion. The US Coast Guard (USCG) classifies the Wavewalk models as “kayaks”. But unlike common sailing catamarans, canoes, sit-in or sit-on kayaks, the W-Boat’s cockpit allows boaters to sit upright in a natural position or stand with one leg in each hull.

The exclusive Wavewalk twin hull and saddle design creates small, lightweight watercraft that offer more efficiency, stability, comfort, control, better tracking and versatility than any other kayak or small paddlecraft.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Perfect stability with a motor in river currents. (W700 shown with Honda 2.3 HP)


Thousands of kayaks are sold to paddlers and anglers who like the IDEA of quiet, peaceful, and inexpensive boating.

BUT – soon the realities of kayaking set in:

1 Kayaks are unstable. You need to keep your weight low and centered. (Every kayak brand advertises that they are the “most” stable. Some are certainly MORE stable than others.) The greatest stability in all kayaks is exactly at the center line. Leaning over the side can flip you instantly. Standing in a kayak - especially in wind and waves - is asking for a dunking. That’s why anglers tie down their gear, fishing rods and even the kayak paddle!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Wavewalk boats displace weight with two, full-length hulls


Wavewalk boats are designed to be stable by spreading the balance point to the outside of the twin hulls. With your weight centered between the twin hulls, Wavewalk boats are virtually untippable – seated OR standing, with one, two, or three passengers! You can even sit “side saddle” or stand with ALL your weight in one hull!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Complete, perfect stability - even with your weight OFF CENTER (W700 shown)

Realize that the center of gravity in a kayak is directly under the seat of the paddler, then extending in a straight line, exactly down the center line to the pointed bow and stern. In contrast, the ingenuity and simplicity of Wavewalk boats moves the center of gravity outward, directly under your feet. Then the long, straight twin hulls distribute your weight to the four ends of the twin hulls.

In a kayak, it’s like balancing 200-pounds (or more) on a 36-inch diameter round ball. In a Wavewalk boat, your weight is balanced on two flat “planks”, 8, 9, or 13-inches wide and 11, 12, or 13-feet long. Is there any question which is more stable, sitting or standing?

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

THREE paddlers standing in a Wavewalk S4 skiff!


Few kayak paddlers have the skill or confidence to venture any distance from the landing or offshore. If your goal is to fish big lakes, the ocean, or large rivers with strong currents you will be disappointed that your range is limited both by your skills and the inherent design limitations of the small and shallow-draft kayak. But not with a Wavewalk boat. The stability and safety are confidence-building! You will be able to paddle or motor farther, fish longer, and return dry and happy!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Trolling with confidence on the "inland sea" of Lake Erie! (S4 skiff shown with Yamaha outboard)


Do you want to fish at night? If you are boating or fishing after dark, you will need navigation lights and batteries. Even more important, you will need greater stability and confidence in your craft.

Do you want to be able to stand to cast, fly fish, bow fish, or throw a cast net? Do you need to stand to fight and land really big fish? Not only do you need stability to simply stand still to stretch, you need acrobatic ability to stand and MOVE in a kayak. But the weight displacement and long twin hulls make standing in a Wavewalk boat as stable as a much larger boat.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Fly fishing in a cold mountain lake - safely in a Wavewalk W700


THOUSANDS of kayak paddlers add stabilizing pontoons or outriggers to improve the stability. The result is a contraption that spreads the weight wider, but now you have also increased the water resistance for paddling and more total weight – defeating the purpose of a kayak.

NO additional stabilizers are required with Wavewalk boats. The twin hulls are designed for the maximum stability! All passengers can sit or stand with confidence. Wavewalk boats are preferred by fishing guides, especially where gas motors are prohibited.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Electric trolling motor on Wavewalk W700. Fish seated OR standing!


2. Kayaks are uncomfortable. You sit with your feet stretched out in front. Your hips are at the same level and soon your back hurts and your knees are stiff. If you think it was hard getting INTO the kayak, wait until you need to get out to stretch your stiff and cramped joints and muscles.

After adding stabilizers, the next most popular DIY project is raising the level of the kayak seat. Larger, heavier, and expensive replacement seats can be purchased. Adding spacers or brackets might raise the standard seat so your knees get a little break.

Wavewalk boats have a raised seating saddle. Your back is straight. Your legs, hips and knees are in a natural position. You are positioned in the strongest position for paddling. Nothing is strained or misaligned. Older paddlers and people with back or joint problems find that Wavewalk boats are the ONLY comfortable (and safe) option.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Seated comfortably in a S4 skiff - perfect for solo or tandem paddling


3. Kayaks are confining. After you raise the seat, you are still confined to a narrow space. You can’t fish or even reach behind you – or reach the bow. That is why all fishing kayakers eventually install “anchor trolleys” so they can slide the anchor rope to the bow or stern.

You can use anchor trolleys on Wavewalk boats – but you don’t NEED to. Wavewalk boats feature a long, open cockpit. You can face forward or backward and move the full length of the saddle. You can fish 360-degrees, operate a stern or bow-mounted motor. Troll forward or backward. Take your family or dog along!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Family enjoying the spacious S4 skiff

WWavewalk motor fishing kayakavewalk motor fishing kayak
Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Stability and weight capacity to take your duck dog along (W500 shown)


4. Kayaks and canoes are simply a poor choice for large people. You lose important free board with more weight in the hull. Waves come over the bow. Waves from the side can easily swamp a loaded kayak. Some kayaks have grown to over 40-inches wide to accommodate large paddlers. But the wider the kayak (or canoe) the more it plows through the water. You can not overcome the physics that make a short, wide boat inefficient in the water.

Your weight is distributed evenly along the long, twin hulls (W700 shown)


Wavewalk boats are designed to be stable by spreading the balance point to the outside of the twin hulls. Even the smallest 11’ 4” W500 has far greater stability and weight capacity – and is faster and more maneuverable – than a 13 to 15-foot kayak!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

290-pound paddler in the smallest Wavewalk W500

Regardless of your size or the weight of your load, your Wavewalk boat is ALWAYS faster than any boat of the same length.  Every other boat is widest and deepest at midships. This is the “brick” that must plow through the water – either under paddle or motor power. But Wavewalk boats use narrow, straight twin hulls to provide buoyancy. Instead of pushing a 36-inch wide kayak hull through the water, you have only 16-inch of hull width in the W500 (2 x 8-inch hulls), 18-inches of hull width in the W700 (2 x 9-inch hulls) or 26-inches of total hull width in the S4 skiff (2 x 13-inch hulls).

At the same time, the narrower and faster Wavewalk twin hulls also provide more buoyancy over the full length. This means the lighter and narrower Wavewalk boats have BOTH greater weight capacities AND shallower drafts! A solo paddler will draw as little as 2-inches, and a fully loaded S4 skiff with 600-pounds of passengers, gear and motor will draw only 6-inches. (No wonder Wavewalk is the ULTIMATE duck boat!)

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Wavewalk W500 with shallow drive "mud motor" (stored for car-topping!)

Storage space is very limited in kayaks. Kayakers have gotten creative with attachments for paddles and fishing gear. Some storage crates, coolers and gear bags add hundreds of dollars to your kayak cost. Forget about finding interior storage for paddles or fishing rods.

Wavewalk boats have dry storage at the four ends of the hulls. The full length of the twin hulls is open for storing paddles and long fishing rods. Exterior mounts can be added for paddles and other accessories. You can also easily add wiring for lights, cameras and trolling motor batteries.

5. Kayaks are wet. You need to walk into the water to enter the kayak from the side. Like a canoe, you can’t just walk in from the bow. You drag water into the kayak. In warm water you can wear sandals. In cold water you must either wear rubber boots or waders. In the popular “sit on top” kayaks you also have water surging up through the drainage scuppers.

Did you buy the kayak to paddle or fish only on the warmest and sunniest days of the year? Or do you want to be able to fish during the best Spring and Fall cold water seasons?

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Simply walk into the Wavewalk from dry land - NO wet feet!

The twin hulls of Wavewalk boats allow you to walk in directly from dry land. The buoyancy extends to the very ends of the twin hulls, so even if the boat is “high-centered” your weight is supported. This makes Wavewalk the Number One choice for EMS ice rescue teams! You can be the first kayaker on the water each Spring, and the last one off the water each Fall.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

DON'T try this with any canoe or kayak! W700 high-centered on shore ice!

6. Kayaks were never designed for motors. Paddling is WORK! Everyone likes the peace and quiet of paddling. But most paddlers are limited to a short distance from the landing. Did you buy the kayak for fishing? If so, you will soon get frustrated fishing ONLY within site of the landing. Or you will fear getting stranded farther away should the wind or currents change.

Thousands of kayak owners have attempted to attach an electric trolling motor to provide more range. But the fact is that if the manufacturer had designed the kayak for a motor, a mount would be included or available as an option. Kayak and canoe manufacturers want NOTHING to do with motors. These boats are unstable WITHOUT the added weight, thrust, and imbalance that results from hanging a heavy and dangerous device on the boat.

If you cobble together a motor mount, will it attach at the side with the weight and thrust off center, adding to the likelihood of capsizing? Or will you attach the motor at the farthest point on the stern – which is also the narrowest point? Now the weight of the motor rests on the point of least buoyancy. And since the motor is many feet behind you, how will you control the steering and throttle? It will be impossible to reach the motor to raise or lower it, clear weeds or tangled fishing line without returning to shore.

Will your motor mount destroy your kayak? Will the holes through the hull lead to structural failure? No manufacturer will honor a warranty issue that results from attaching a motor to a plastic kayak.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

"Dressed to kill!" Motoring while standing in a Wavewalk W700 yacht tender


All Wavewalk models are DESIGNED for motors – electric trolling motors and gas outboards. The W500 and W700 have optional motor mounts that can be Dealer-installed at the bow and/or stern. That is, you can have motors at BOTH ends of the seating cockpit, or either end – your choice!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Standard transom-mount trolling motor on Wavewalk W500

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Three boaters in a Wavewalk S4 in Florida mangroves

The S4 skiff has a standard stern motor mount designed into the mold, with an optional laminated plank insert for a gas outboard. A bow-mounted electric trolling motor can also be installed on the casting deck of the S4.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

S4 owner has installed a remote trolling motor on the bow deck


7. Kayaking can be lonely. Kayaks are primarily designed for a single paddler. Tandem kayaks and canoes must be longer and wider – and this means they are heavier to carry and require more strength to paddle. Larger kayaks and canoes are also more susceptible to wind, waves, and currents.

The simplest solution – but also the most expensive – is to buy a SECOND kayak for the times when you want to enjoy paddling with another person. Of course, then you need a very large vehicle for cartopping or a trailer for transport.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Wavewalk S4 rigged for tandem paddling and fishing

All Wavewalk boats can be paddled by two or three people – depending on the weight rating. The W500 is the perfect solo paddling boat and is great for occasional tandem paddling. The W700 has a greater weight capacity and is the best choice for tandem paddling but is still easy to control solo. The longer and wider S4 is super-stable and luxurious for two paddlers and can accommodate up to THREE paddlers!

Wavewalk boats are also the BEST choice for work boats and sportsmen who need to carry lots of gear. Duck hunters LOVE the huge capacity, extreme stability, and shallow draft of Wavewalk boats! Many install “mud motors” to access swampy flats.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Wavewalk S4 equipped with "mud motor" and DIY balloon tire dolly for duck hunting


8. Kayaks are heavy. It is common for kayaks to weigh close to 100-pounds. This is before you add accessories like rod holders, camera mounts, locators, lights, and the required batteries. Not only does the extra weight make the kayak ride lower and paddle harder, it makes loading, unloading, and transporting a chore – and literally a pain.

The idea of throwing the kayak on the roof has turned into the reality that now you need a trailer. This weight does not count the motor and the even larger deep-cycle battery. You must also contend with this weight year-round when you store the kayak in the off-season.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Car-topping a Wavewalk W500 on a sub-compact car!


Wavewalk boats include the lightest W500 model – starting at ONLY 60-pounds! Even the largest S4 motor skiff weighs only 98-pounds (net weight.)

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Carrying the lightweight W500 is EASY!


Creative anglers have even “car-topped” Wavewalk boats on ATV’s and golf carts to reach remote lakes or community fishing holes!

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Reaching distant "secret" fishing holes by ATV with a Wavewalk W500


All other small motorboats require trailers – except for the smallest jon boats. But small jon boats are notoriously unstable in all but flat-water ponds. Wavewalk boats are not only light but incredibly stable – seaworthy enough for offshore use! Wavewalk boats are favored by work crews in flooded timber, divers, EMS rescue departments and make the perfect yacht tenders.

9. Kayaks are ridiculously expensive. Fishing kayaks that are wider, longer, have better seats and can accommodate motors (or expensive peddle drives) have eclipsed $3,500.00! For less, you can own a lighter Wavewalk boat that has MORE capacity, MORE stability, is built for two or three people, and is engineered for bow and stern motors.

DON’T spend more and get LESS! Select the Wavewalk model that best fits your boating and fishing needs. Let Randy outfit your new Wavewalk with the accessories to make it the BEST boat you have ever owned.

Wavewalk motor fishing kayak

Battling a feisty bass while standing in a Wavewalk W700

About Randy, your Wavewalk Dealer:

Randy has owned, rigged, and operated dozens of boats – from row boats to 21-foot tournament fishing boats with 250-hp outboards and tandem-axle trailers (requiring a diesel pickup truck to tow.) He has owned Royalex whitewater canoes, aluminum and fiberglass lake canoes, and Kevlar tripping canoes. Sit in and sit on top kayaks, and even inflatable paddle boards.

Randy has fished the dangerous, rough waters of the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Devil’s Lake, and countless other inland and offshore waters. He has canoed, portaged, and camped on many week-long trips throughout Wisconsin and the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. He has run whitewater rapids in canoes and rafts. He has kayaked the inter-coastal waterway of the Atlantic as well as inland lakes and rivers.

Randy has never found the perfect lightweight and easily transportable fishing watercraft – until Wavewalk! If you are seeking the most versatile, stable, and economical alternative to tippy kayaks and expensive motorboats, contact Randy to see the Wavewalk models. You will agree that nothing matches Wavewalk, “The World’s Best Fishing Kayaks!”

Contact Randy to view the amazing Wavewalk boat models. He will help you choose the right model for your needs – and help you outfit your new Wavewalk boat with the options and accessories to make your days on the water even better!

On water demos and deliveries are available throughout the Midwest. Ask also about our Show schedule. All Wavewalk prices displayed are FOB Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Randy Gone Fishing

Randy Reek

609 S Birch Avenue (mail and deliveries)

Marshfield, WI 54449

715-502-9042 (please leave a message if I am fishing!)

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