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   WHO AM I   

Randy On The Road is written by a traveler. Please check out the various categories of blog posts.


I live in Marshfield, Wisconsin. This is a city right in the middle of "America's Dairy Land"! Wisconsin is a great "jumping off point" for travels in all directions. I include travels north into Canada.


At the core:

I grew up in central Wisconsin. But I have also lived in South Carolina, Arkansas, and Arizona. I have traveled from Key West, Florida to beyond the Arctic Circle in Alaska. 


I have traveled by bicycle, canoe, dog sled, ski, snowshoe, car, truck, semi, motor home, dual-sport and road motorcycle, and dozens of different boats.


I have been in one form of sales or another for my entire working life – from retail to wholesale, business-to-business, mail-order, and on the Internet. I have worked for small companies, huge companies, and owned my own company.


Continuous Travels:

I have plenty of interests outside of work, including hunting, fishing, and motorcycling. My Wife of 39 years, Laurie and I are committed to our local church and to the command to grow the greater Church worldwide. This commitment is based on the knowledge that we are all just traveling through this world. The world is not our eternal home.


“I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” Galatians 2:20

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