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Off Road In Moab

Off-Road In Moab With "goneMOAB"

Gathering of Nissan Owners Explores Moab Off-Road Trails

"GoneMOAB" is an annual off-road fest that encourages Nissan owners to explore the off-road mecca of Moab, Utah. May 17 to 22, 2015 marked the 14th annual gathering of off-road enthusiasts.

GoneMOAB brings together rookie and experienced off-road drivers. The five day event includes trail rides that are categorized as easy, moderate, and difficult. Drivers can choose their level of challenge and drive a different trail every day.

Trail Selection for 2015 goneMOAB

2015 was the first year that my wife, Laurie, and I attended goneMOAB, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Here are some photos from each day: (For the first year we chose the easy - and most scenic - "green" trails.)

Monday, Secret Spire. This series of easy trails SW of Moab included some challenging ledges. The "Secret Spire" was found at the end of one trail, and was flanked by massive canyons with swirling rock formations and water-eroded features.

Tuesday, Cameo Cliffs. A large section of off-road trails south of Moab climbed to the top of mesas with great views of canyons and Wilson's Arch.

Wednesday, Chicken Corner and Hurrah Pass. Hurrah Pass is the high point overlooking the Colorado River south of Moab. The trail continues to Chicken Corner, named for passengers who chose to walk around a narrow ledge rather than ride with old-time Moab guides. Today the trail is plenty wide for Jeeps and trucks. The view includes looking across the river to "Thelma & Louise Point" from the movie of the same name.

And, the unusally heavy Spring rains had caused the desert to bloom with thousands of flowers!

Thursday, Shaffer Switchbacks and Lathrop Canyon. This series of trails descended into Canyonlands National Park via impressive switchbacks. The trail included a stop at Musselman Arch. Then it descended again down Lathrop Canyon to the Colorado River.

Friday, Dome Plateau. This section of trails climbs the mesa northwest of Moab and also overlooks the Colorado River. Old mining roads and wind caves dominate the landscape.

A good time was had by all participants! We are already looking forward to our next trip to goneMOAB!

PS. We also did some exploring on our own on Saturday, driving the LaSal Mountain Loop from Moab around to Highway 124 north of town. This was on our way to the airport in Grand Junction, Colorado before the next trip with my Son, Aaron: the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route on dual sport motorcycles! See my othe blog post for a complete recap!

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