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New Blog: The Great Out There

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Have you missed me? I've neglected my own blog!

I apologize to my loyal subscribers. I haven't published much content HERE. Bui it's not because I am LAZY. I just have TOO MANY irons in the fire!

That's the problem when you have MANY varied pastimes along with diversified business interests.

First, I finally "retired" from my other blog and "side hustle", What began as a travel blog after our 10,000-mile #minivancamping trip to Alaska quickly got out of hand as a side business!

After posting photos and a few videos, there were hundreds of inquires: How do I get this conversion for my minivan? Before I knew it, I had orders from a steady stream of people ready to enter the #vanlife !!! As a result, I eventually designed, built, and installed DOZENS of #minivancamping conversions! I'm happy to say I was able to help people from ALL four corners of the U.S. outfit their minivans - including parttime, weekend travelers and fulltime #vandwellers. No TWO were alike, including every make, model, and year of minivan imaginable!

As of this past Fall, I finally turned off the orders for these custom van conversions. Going forward, I'm happy to prepare design drawings for these conversions. Contact me if interested.

GoneCamper also built several folding beds for full-size vans and cargo trailer conversions. I built-out a complete Chevy van, insulation, wiring, along with a retractable folding bed and rear kitchen.

Next, I helped my son, Aaron outfit his RAM Promaster for fulltime #vanlife!

This is a photo from Ehrenburg, Arizona (following the #RTR #rubbertramprendezvoux at Quartzsite.) The trailer in the background is a cargo trailer conversion I completed for long-term, off the grid #boondocking.

In my spare time, I squeezed in TWO weeks of riding across Iowa in #RAGBRAI 2021 and 2022. This is the largest cross-state tour in the U.S., attracting upwards of 50,000 riders over the week! The route varies, but averages about 475 miles each tour, and includes a week of tent camping.

I have several bikes, so there were also plenty of miles of rides and tours on my #gravelbike, #fatbike and #mountainbike, including a few races (with Top Ten finishes in my "Senior" age group!)

But my MAJOR excuse for not communicating with you was my "promotion" to Grandpa. Charlotte has impacted my schedule!

So that updates you on my activities these past few years. I haven't bothered to include my fishing and hunting trips, travels to Florida, Missouri, Texas and our last #minivancamping trip across Canada to New Brunswick, down the coast to all the historical sites, concluding at Colonial Williamsburg, and then back to Wisconsin.

Going forward, my writing efforts will be consolidated on my NEW blog: The Great Out There. I invite you to visit and subscribe for outdoor content that encompasses my wide ranging recreational interests. Please also follow The Great Out There on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

PS. As time allows, I will continue to write for a few other blogs. Since my "semi-retirement", as a result of my business background and my varied outdoor interests, I have been asked to write HUNDREDS of articles and press releases for some of my favorite brands. To date, I have written website copy, guest blog articles and been a "ghost writer" for hunting and fishing websites, a motorcycle company, three kayak brands, two bicycle brands, a canoe manufacturer - plus a few hardware, software, and service companies.


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